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Five Party Places In México Where Stag Entry Is Allowed

Noticias 24hs  -  14/10/2019  -  08:48

Playa Del Carmen is a resort town where adults go to get away from it all. Because this is an adult-oriented vacation town, you will enjoy going to the bars and nightclubs in the city

When you are planning a bachelor party, you can go to Mexico create the perfect stag weekend for everyone in your group. You can stay in amazing villas that dot the landscape, and you may visit any one of the five locations listed below. Because all these locations are different, you can do your research on the nightlife, the places you can visit, and the area. You can go to the beach to drink with your boys, or you could go to multiple nightclubs before the stag weekend is over.

1. Guadalajara

Guadalajara is a lovely city that is filled with nightclubs and bars that you will fall in love with. You can go into this city for a long stag weekend, get a nice villa to stay in, and bar hop for the whole of the trip. This city has a huge club scene, and you could go to every club in the city on a long stag night.

There are also restaurants and bars in the city that allow you to rent a private room. You can enjoy this city much more than you would have otherwise, and you need to remember that most people who are in the city will want a mix of the private room party and the nightclub. Guadalajara is not a glamorous city, but it is a place where you can party and be wild for the whole weekend.

2. Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a resort town where adults go to get away from it all. Because this is an adult-oriented vacation town, you will enjoy going to the bars and nightclubs in the city. You could easily get a resort package that allows you to host all your friends for the stag weekend.

When you come to this resort town, you could spend part of the weekend at the beach. You can spend the rest of your stag weekend at the bars and nightclubs that are all around the city. There are even nice restaurants that will let you rent a room so that you can have a private party with good food.

3. Punta Mita

You could stay at Casa Tau Punta Mita when you come to this little peninsula on the Pacific coast. Mexico has some remote villages that provide you with quiet for your stag weekend, and this town will help you have a party in your villa all weekend.

When you come to the Casa Tau Punta Mita villa to start the weekend, you can start cooking in the kitchen and hosting friends who are in town for the event. The villas are so large that you can easily host dozens of people. There are beds and sofas where everyone can rest, and you can party in the house the whole weekend. Plus, there is a pool and easy beach access so that your whole group will have a good time. You can also go to the bars and nightclubs in town for a change of scenery during the trip.

4. Puebla

Puebla is a great place to have a stag weekend because their bar and nightclub district is very large. You can go from one bar to another all night long, and you will have a nice place to stay in the city. This city allows you to walk through the streets having the time of your life, and you can easily get in and out for the weekend.

There are so many nightclubs and bars that you can set up a special stag event for the group. You could also plan a bar crawl that will take you all over the city. If you can drink your way through Puebla, you will have the perfect stag weekend.

5. Cozumel

Cozumel is an adult-oriented resort town that offers all the options you need for a stag weekend. You could get a ballroom at the resort to have fun with your crew. You could come to Cozumel to enjoy the beaches, and you can go to bars or restaurants that allow for the best pub crawl.

This is a good city to visit because it has all the modern amenities you need. You can go to many different bars to try all kinds of drinks, O2, and even absinthe cocktails. Cozumel can do much more for you than help with a simple vacation.


The stag weekend that you want to plan with your friends will be easier for you to schedule if you choose the right city to visit. You can come to any of these five cities in Mexico, go to the bars or nightclubs, and even get a private room for your party. These cities will give you the freedom to party for the whole weekend, and you can stay in an amazing villa that has enough room for everyone.



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